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CEO Times offers you an opportunity to connect with a monthly audience of over 100,000; highly engaged professionals, passionate about business updates.

We are the first national publication solely dedicated to delivering news and insights in content promotion and distribution. We operate within particular niches of the content creation industry, filled with entrepreneurs, marketers and others, hungry for new services and information.

Whether it’s with sponsored content, custom ad units, display, lead acquisition or strategic partnerships, we cater to your advertising objectives with data-driven advertising solutions that reach, engage and convert your target audience.


With a presence on every digital platform, CEO Times is the leading business media in Pakistan with incomparable scale and the unique ability to convene, curate and cover the leaders driving change.

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65K+ Page Views Per Month

6 Minutes Average Time on Site

60% Traffic From Mobile

Exclusive Pakistani Audience

30K+ Social Media Followers

Media Buying Options

Press Release

Each day we publish dozens of news covering all the key sectors of Pakistan. We have a dedicated section for your sector audience, where you can let your clients and peers know about your firm’s latest updates whilst discussing the imminent challenges involved.

from $29

Native Advertising

We can help you stand out from the market. We will feature your brand or product in a creative and effective manner across our audience network, so that you can have maximum brand awareness and reach millions of people natively.

from $149

Creative Partnerships

We can help create bespoke campaigns, which will seamlessly put your brand in front of a targeted audience. Our team will propose creative concepts to be used across a myriad of platforms, ensuring maximum reach & engagement of your brand.

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